Cooking for Friends - Takeaway Burgers


Takeaway Burgers


ordering Time: 3mins

Serves: as many

Skill: super Easy


Amy and I love to mix things up and order burgers and milkshakes from our favourite local burger joint to have with our friends.



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Step 1

Open up Uber Eats or any other food delivery app.

Find your favourite burger restaurants and order for you and your guests.

Hit order!


A Tip on How to Do Hospitality Well

If you don’t have the time or if you are just craving a good burger then there is nothing wrong with ordering takeaway to have with your friends.

I adopted a heart for generous hospitality from my mum at a young age. She shows her love for her friends and family by making the effort to cook food that they love and she made sure that there was plenty of food to go around. But many times in that effort to cook lavishly for her friends and loved ones, she would work up a frenzy in the kitchen, be stressed when the guests arrived, and still be stuck in the kitchen, whilst her guests were eating. We would always call out to mum to tell her to stop cooking, to just sit down and join us for the meal.

Hospitality is enriched not by having more dishes but by being present to your guests.

So I also learnt, as I watched my mum, that good hospitality is less about the food and more about having unhurried time to be present for conversations over any kind of meal. Hospitality is enriched not by having more dishes but by being present to your guests. To not fuss about whether your guests have had enough to eat but being attentive to their conversations. It’s about creating a warm and comfortable space for people to share what’s on their minds and hearts. Sometimes food can actually get in the way in creating that space.

That’s why ordering takeaway can be a great way to serve a meal that your guests love but also have more time and attention to listen well and serve them with words that fill up their hearts, not just food that fill up their stomachs.

Meals with Jesus

If you would like to learn more about the lost practice of hospitality from Jesus who ate and drank with strangers, join us for the Meals with Jesus series this Sunday. We are also putting on a free Aussie Day barbecue after the service. We’d love to have some great conversations with you over a sausage sizzle.