Chapel Hill is a Presbyterian Church in Sydney’s Inner West with a mission to point those who searching for more, to Jesus.


Christianity Explored

To look at who Jesus is, what he achieved and why he matters.

Christianity Explored is free 6-week course for anyone interested in exploring or re-exploring the person at the heart of the good news of Christianity - Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter if you’ve previously gone to church, have read the whole Bible or none at all. If you’re curious about Christianity, this course is for you.

Each evening, we will read the life story of Jesus, watch a video and chat about Jesus love and sacrifice for us. Don’t worry, you won’t be ask to pray, sing or to read aloud but we would love you to come with an open mind.

The evening starts at 7:15pm and ends at 8:30pm. But you're welcome to stick around to discuss any further questions you might have. If you're interested, please register and we'll get back to you with the course dates and details.