Chapel Hill is a Presbyterian Church in Sydney’s Inner West with a mission to point those who searching for more, to Jesus.

Explore how the fullness of life is found in Jesus.


Explore Course

The Explore Course is the best way to explore how the fullness of life is found in Jesus. Explore is a conversation not a classroom. The course is an informal dialogue where you can openly ask questions and share your thoughts as we explore Jesus and the new life that he offers.

The course runs for 5 weeks, we’ll provide meal and it’s free. All we ask of you is to come with an open mind. After each session, you’re welcome to stick around to discuss any further questions you might have.

Week 1: Is there something more to life?
Week 2: Who is Jesus?
Week 3: Why did Jesus come?
Week 4: Why did Jesus die?
Week 5: What does it mean for me?

Whether you’re exploring Jesus for the first time or re-exploring Christianity now as an adult, everyone is welcome to come along to our Explore Course.