Chapel Hill is a Presbyterian Church in Sydney’s Inner West with a mission to point those who searching for more, to Jesus.

Jesus loves kids
and so do we!


What to Expect

We have a great curriculum, Kidswise, which aims to introduce very young children to their creator God and his son, Jesus. Our Kids Church program runs during school terms.

Your kids will be taught by committed volunteers who love Jesus, are great with kids and adhere to the Breaking the Silence Child Safety Policy and Code of Conduct provided by Presbyterian Church of Australia.

You’ll be greeted at the door and a Chapel Hiller will help you register your children for Kids Church. Your children will join us for the first two songs and a prayer, then we will send them off with our Kids Church leaders for the rest of the service.

Creche during the Service

Bringing a bub to church? Enjoy the service from our creche area. There are seats reserved in the back of the hall for you and your baby with some cushions, toys, books and space to crawl around.


Child Safety

We are committed to maintaining a safe community for children by implementing the Breaking the Silence Policy and Code of Conduct provided by the Presbyterian Church of Australia.


Join us this Sunday

We’d love to welcome you personally.
Please let us know your coming so we can help you feel at home, introduce you to some great people, and have lunch with you after church.