1st Information Day

We had a great turn out at our first Information Day held at the Rozelle church building with over 40 people attending. We met at the back Garden Room where we shared God's vision for Rozelle and the Inner West. We then toured the building to get picture of what the church's ministry could look like. 

It was a momentous occasion, as it was the first Christian gathering in the building in the last 35 years, where we also sang praises to God and heard from God's Word.

To date we have had 5 people join the core team. Amy and I have met with 6 others who are prayfully considering to join. Amy and I are now in the process of following up a growing list of people who expressed their interest to join and support the plant. We are so encouraged to know that Jesus is the head of the church and he is growing his church in Rozelle. 

We will be running 2 more Information Days in the new year:

Saturday 18 January 2014
Saturday 15 February 2014

You can help us greatly by continuing to spread the good word about the plant and praying!