Meet Ed & Chloe Little

Ed and Chloe.JPG
What sticks out is being a part of something so new that it’s like we’re pulling it out of the wrapping

Over the next few months we will be introducing our launch team members. This month we would like you to meet Ed and Chloe Little. Recently we have spent time with Ed and Chloe scouring the Rozelle markets, enjoying home made sushi and scoring some free Zumbo icecream samples (Note to Zumbo lovers, his factory is just behind the Rozelle church building!). We love partnering with Ed and Chloe in God’s work and have enjoyed having them in our lives. We have asked them a few questions for you all to get to know them better…

Where do you currently work?
Chloe works part-time teaching photography and part-time as a graphic designer, while also finishing a Master of Design.

Ed studies IT full time at Macquarie University and works part-time in the IT department at a school in North Sydney.
What do you enjoy doing in your time off?
We both enjoy reading and coffee, preferably at the same time!
You have both done a fair bit of travelling, what has been your most favourite place so far and why?
A couple of years ago we travelled around Europe and fell in love with Edinburgh. It is just a beautiful city, with a rich history, that has stood the test of time. The other city in Europe we loved was Prague, it is a most extraordinary city, which remains virtually untouched since the mid 1700's, it has aged gracefully. (But, Chloe's real favourites are the places she's never been!)
If you could invent an ice-cream flavour what would it be?
Ed: Something along the lines of a dark chocolate mocha.
Chloe: Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with Marzipan and Salted Caramel Swirl sprinkled with crushed Amoretti.

Pray too that when God calls us to ministries and places to serve that we will have ears to hear and hearts to serve Him fully.

What are you most excited about in being a part of Rozelle church?
There are so many things about the church plant that are exciting - a new start, a new church and new people. But all of these are the same as moving to any other church to some degree. What sticks out is being a part of something so new that it's like we're pulling it out of the wrapping. We're excited to watch and be a part of God building His church in Rozelle and for the almost limitless possibilities that await under his guidance in years to come.
Are there any prayer points that people can be praying about for this year?
You can pray for us, Rozelle is a fresh start, so we're looking forward to making lots of new friends that by God's grace we will get to know and love for many years into the future. Pray too that when God calls us to ministries and places to serve that we will have ears to hear and hearts to serve Him fully.