Making inroads into Housing

This year we have had the opportunity to get to know a local Christian who lives in housing commission in Lilyfield and has now become a dear friend of ours. She has been to able share with us valuable insights of the diversity of people who live in housing and how our church may be able to engage and serve this community. With a big heart to serve and love, our team went out on a Sunday to do working bee at our friend's place to help clean up her garden and house and also host a free BBQ on her front yard to invite her neighbours on her street.

It was a very encouraging time, as we had many neighbours turn up, had great conversations and even though it was a small thing, our friend has told us that we made a lasting impression on her neighbours as many of them we were talking days after about how loving and non-judgemental we were with them.

Part of our vision is to develop a mercy ministry in the area working with local not for profit groups and with Jericho Road Presbyterian Social Services. We hope this small step will be the beginning of our vision.