VIVID Photo Walk 23rd May

We are excited about this year’s Vivid Sydney Festival! 

As a way to bring old and new friends together who like VIVID and photography, we are organising a Photo Walk at VIVID, guided by photographer and graphic designer, Chloe Ferres.

Chloe teaches photography at Raffles College of Design and Commerce and has won numerous photography awards and competitions. Chloe loves to travel the world seeking to create and discover beauty in all things. She is a fan of VIVID and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills in photography to help others grow.

It’s open and inclusive to everyone who takes pictures, whether you use a camera phone, a point-n-click, or a DSLR.

What to bring:
• A camera (or your phone)
• A tripod (if you've got one)
• Good walking shoes

Meet and greet first over a quick dinner at Parlour Burger at 6:30pm, then we head off to Circular Quay to capture the lights!
Please RSVP on Facebook