Redemption of Work - Additional Resources

In the third talk, the Redemption of Work, from the Work As Worship series we unpacked how Jesus can give us a new purpose and motivation for our work not as a result of any work we do for God, but through Jesus' work of redemption he does for us. Jesus' work of dying to bear our sins on the cross to offer us a right standing and acceptance with God by grace through faith in Jesus redefines our work in two ways.

Firstly, justification by grace through faith in Jesus frees us from idolising our work to justify and validate our self-worth through other people's approval of our work performance because everything you need - the affirmation, love and acceptance can by ours already in Jesus.

Secondly, justification by grace through faith also keeps us from being lazy and idle in our work because justification by grace through faith in Jesus creates joy in God, which in turns empowers our obedience to work to love God and to love others. The grace of Jesus frees us to serve others wholeheartedly because we longer have to worry about proving our self worth. This is what enable our good works to be truly good for the sake of others - works that are not tainted by our selfish motives. 

Faith in Jesus changes our work so that we work joyfully and restfully for Jesus as our Lord and are motivated to be productive to work for the good others as a response God's love and grace.

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Additional Resources

For further reading on justification by grace throuh faith, I have provided the following additional resources. 


A Treatise on Good Works - Martin Luther

(Free Kindle edition)

Martin Luther was a German friar and theologian who was a seminal leader in the Protestant Reformation. 'A Treatise on Good Works' is often considered Martin Luther's best book and clearest exposition of the Christian life to show "how in all good works we should practice and make use of faith, and let faith be the chief work."


Gospel Productivity Relationship - Interview with Matt Perman

Matt Perman is the author of What's Best Next: How the Gospel Changes the Way You Get Things Done. In this interview, you will hear Matt talk about the crucial nature of understanding justification by faith alone and how that affects our productivity; the difference between legalistic approach and gospel based approach to productivity and other practical matters on how to have a distinctly Christian perspective on our time and productivity.


Every Good Endeavour: Connecting Your Work to God's Plan for the World - Timothy Keller.

Timothy Keller is the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York and a Christian apologist. In his book, Timothy Keller shows the Christian view of work - that we work to serve others, not ourselves - can provide the foundation of a thriving professional and balanced personal life. In the book, Keller says the gospel gives us rest and freedom from the "work beneath the work", a freedom to no longer build our our worth, security and meaning through our work. 


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Pastor Michael Nhieu