Beginnings of a core team

Over the last two months Amy and I have been busily meeting with people to recruit the core team following our first Information Day. To date we have 5 fellow team members starting with us next year, we have met with 16 others who are prayerfully considering joining and we still have more catch up's with people this year. We are so thankful to God for the people that He has connected us with and are encouraged by the excitement of others. Our current team members are all from different churches, so we are thankful that they have now all met and it’s beginning to look like a great team. We are looking forward to how everyone will be using their gifts and abilities together to form the foundation of the church. We are already so blessed with a musician, tech guy, designer/photographer and architect just to name a few! God really is at work already in our team and it’s a joy to be able to minister along side them.