Want to get involved

at Chapel Hill?  


We follow Jesus most authentically when we let the needs of others define our existence. It is only in letting the needs and desires of others impinge on our lives that we understand what the love of Jesus is all about.

Chapel Hill is almost entirely run by volunteers. And there are lots of ways to serve at Chapel Hill - on Sunday and during the week. If you're new here please just come along and be part of our church family. But if you've been here a while you're more than welcome to think about being involved at Chapel Hill. We want to help people get the most out of the passions and talents God has gifted them with.

Some ways of serving require a lot of time and training, others are a great start for anyone wanting to serve.

Serving is a great way to deepen your relationships with people at church, but more importantly it's how we embody Christ's love in our own lives by serving others.

In serving Jesus with our gifts, we can discover the love of Jesus more fully in our own lives: being with Jesus, becoming like Jesus and living for Jesus.

To see how you can get involved, please click here, or get in contact with us and we can talk about how you might best fit in serving at Chapel Hill and how we can equip you to serve our church family.