Searching For Answers To Life’s Biggest Questions


“I had many questions I hadn’t found answers to.”


I came to Chapel Hill searching for a way to find God whom I fell away from for some time after having grown up as a Catholic. I didn’t see the need for a set of rules and doctrines outside of the Bible that the Catholic Church had in place, so I sought to find out what was different between Catholics and Presbyterians. At first, I was skeptical that there weren’t major differences but I thought that non-Catholic Christians just didn’t have strict rules. But finding Chapel Hill was an answer to my prayers that I didn’t know I needed.

What I found in Chapel Hill was a community of like-minded people who are friendly, loving and pursuing God in an encouraging way. At the time, Chapel Hill was running the Christianity Explored course and I was interested in doing it because I had many questions I hadn’t found answers to. The course let me explore what exactly Christianity is, while having those questions answered in a relatable manner.

One very important concept that I struggled for weeks was grace and the loving nature of God. I had always thought that my path to God and His kingdom would be through being good and through my own actions. Christianity Explored and the Chapel Hill community was able to explain that it is God, through whose grace and love we are saved unconditionally.

Looking back at where I was, I’ve felt challenged but have also grown my relationship with God, through the support, effort and time from the Chapel Hill community. I hope if you are visiting or looking for a church, that you find in Chapel Hill a community that is as encouraging and supporting in your relationship with God as it has been for me.

Kevin Pek