When Life Knocked Us Down, Our Community Group Stepped Up


“Life is hard when you don’t have people around you.”


We joined Chapel Hill in 2016. When we moved into the Inner West of Sydney from a different country and culture, we wanted to find a Christian community to which we could commit. We were so blown away when we realised how much Chapel Hill were committed to us.

One of the ways we saw this was when we joined a Community Group. 2017 was pretty difficult year for us. Our baby boy, Josiah, was having some real issues with sleep. On top of that, we didn’t realise that he had food allergies until he was 10 months old. Pauline and I were both just exhausted. It got to the point where she had to spend some time in hospital because of her mental health. To put it optimistically, life was pretty average.

But we were so loved and cared for by our Community Group. They kept praying for us and loving us in practical ways. When we felt that God was distant, his love was shown to us by those in our Community Group. We still give thanks to God for them.

We also appreciate the emphasis on God’s word in our Community Group. With all that happened in 2017, we are grateful that the Bible was opened, so that God could speak into our lives. When life felt uncertain and we were discouraged in our faith, we could turn to our Community Group to be reminded that God’s word is always relevant. It’s such a comfort to know that we can anchor ourselves in the amazing gospel of our Lord Jesus.

We love our Community Group.

Matthias & Pauline Loong