Folly Of Wisdom

"Folly of Wisdom" is a Bible Talk by Michael Nhieu that explains how the pursuit of human wisdom always has a limit, unlike the pursuit of Godly Wisdom which may leads us to live a serious and joyful life. 

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Kevin Ma
Tyranny of Time

"Tyranny of Time" is a Bible talk by Luke Tucker that examines how the past and the future are outside of our control but still often hang over us. However the teacher in Ecclesiastes concludes that time is in God's hands. So when we let go of a past and future that belong to God we can accept the uncountable good gifts he gives to us each present moment - even in the midst of the pain and perplexity of life.

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Psalms 4

Our guest Speaker Chris Bailey reminds us from a Psalm of David. that as God's children, we can approach God in our restlessness and be assured that our father will be listening. 

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