Chapel Hill is a Presbyterian Church in Sydney’s Inner West with a mission to point those who searching for more, to Jesus.

Our story began with a small team and a big ambition to start a new community in an old heritage church building.


Our Church Community

Anyone can come to Chapel Hill and be part of our community. We are always and firstly a place for those searching and in need. We love and value lots of things about Rozelle - savvy, creativity, social justice, ambitious, fitness and passion for food. Above all we value substance and honesty. We love going deeper into applying God's Word. And sincerely seek to develop genuine relationships to help each other grow in faith.

So when you come to Chapel Hill, you can expect Jesus-focused Bible teaching with insight into everyday life. And a loving community that seeks to live meaningfully for Jesus, together.

Our Community Groups are the best way to make friends and grow spiritually. Together, we’ll ask the hard questions. Dive deeper into God’s word. And encourage one another to know and love Jesus more. Currently, we have four Community Groups that meet at the following locations:

Monday evening

Tuesday evening

Thursday evening

Thursday evening

Sunday morning (fortnightly)
Rozelle at church

Interested in visiting a Community Group? Leave us a message and we'll get in touch. 

Our Staff and Elders

Michael Nhieu Pastor

Michael Nhieu

Ben Yee  Elder

Ben Yee

Kevin Ma  Ministry Intern

Kevin Ma
Ministry Intern

Nathan Kemp  Elder

Nathan Kemp


Our Statement of Beliefs

Chapel Hill is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Australia that’s committed to truths of the Bible, centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ for salvation and faith.


Join us this Sunday

It’s the best ways to get to know us.
We'd love for you to join us this Sunday and we'd be happy to answer any further questions you might have.