Chapel Hill is a Presbyterian Church in Sydney’s Inner West with a mission to point those who searching for more, to Jesus.

Find the fullness of life in Jesus with us.


Fullness Course

At Chapel Hill, we believe the only true way to find fullness in our lives is by knowing Jesus as our God.
So we’d love for you to join Chapel Hill and share in our vision for us and our city to find fullness by being with Jesus, becoming like Jesus and living for Jesus.

If you’re beginning to follow Jesus or if you’re interested in joining Chapel Hill then come along to our Fullness Course. Fullness is a course that explores how we embody, as a church, the fullness that Jesus offers us. It’s going to show you the things that we do at Chapel Hill in our time and place: to be with Jesus, become like Jesus and live for Jesus together.

The course runs on Sunday afternoons over 4 weeks, we’ll provide lunch and it’s a great opportunity to meet a few other new people.

Then at the end of the course, if you like to call Chapel Hill home, we’ll invite you to join a Community Group to help you settle into our church community.