New Staff Members


We are excited to announce the appointment of new staff members, Luke Tucker and Kevin Ma, starting in January 2018.

Luke will be working a day a week as our Sunday Service Director to lead our music team and co-ordinate our Sunday services and other events. Luke is a PhD student and his research is on a small movement of late medieval Christians called Devotio Moderna (latin for 'Modern Devotion') to understand their thinking about knowledge and education. Although small they made a significant impact considering they educated some the great scholars of the Renaissance and Reformation like Erasmus, Martin Luther and Jean Calvin. Luke loves literature, theology and music and he hopes to further enrich our corporate worship with God's truth through music and 'modernised' liturgy to inspire love for Jesus.

Kevin will be working as a Ministry Intern with a MTS scholarship to be trained for church ministry. He will have particular responsibilities for mission, communications and Scripture teaching at a local school. Kevin has graduated from Interior Design and he hopes to use his 'design thinking' and skills to create and design ministries that will reach Inner West creatives and locals with the gospel. 

We will be establishing an office in our church building to house our new staff members to work alongside Michael. We are thankful to God for raising up a dynamic staff team and we look forward to seeing God answer our prayers and vision for Chapel Hill in this new chapter. 

Michael Nhieu