God, Truth and Love

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In our world of fake news and fake people, it’s hard to be confident about the truth and find authentic love, especially when it comes to faith and religion. The scandalous claim made by the first Christians is that all three of these things - Truth, Love and God - are given ultimate and definitive expression in the coming of a man: Jesus Christ.

But how can this be?  If you are interested in considering the authenticity of Christianity, then we welcome you to join us for the God, Truth and Love bible talk series on the First Epistle of John as we examine who God is, what truth is, and how we can know both through love.

God is light
29 April

What is true faith?
6 May

Remaining in Christ
13 May

Children of light
20 May

Children of love
27 May

What is the true Spirit?
3 June

Confidence before God?
10 June


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