First Three Years of Church Planting


“We would often joke to ourselves that Chapel Hill was our first born.”


Just like becoming parents for the first time with our boy Tristan, God has taught us in the past three years that church planting is both a sacrifice and privilege. It has been hard work to nurture a new community from scratch whilst reorienting our church building and property for our mission. We’ve had to learn new pastoral and leadership skills on the fly through trial and error.

A great lesson that God has taught us is to trust in God’s sovereign care as our Great Shepherd for Tristan and likewise, for our church family. We’ve learned that our role is to take people to God’s Word and allow God to do the pastoring and shepherding with his infinite wisdom and tender compassion.

We’ve seen new believers come to faith, struggles of faith, spiritual breakthroughs and sleepless nights of concern. But through it all, we’ve felt very privileged to be a part of God’s work at Chapel Hill. More evidently, we’ve seen the way God has worked in our church community as we’ve become sincere, raw and real with one another. It’s a wonderful privilege to see friendships deepening and most importantly relationships with God growing.

This year as we’ve been preparing and adjusting our home to be a place fit for a growing baby, so too this year we have been designing the renovation of our church building to make our space a hospitable place for people to feel at home as they meet Jesus and us. As we dote with love over our baby boy who keeps us on our toes everyday, so we look fondly towards the ongoing depth of love and care in our church community.

Michael Nhieu